Power Cage

3 Reasons To Buy A Power Cage For Your Home Gym

Why a power cage is a good investment for your gym garage

You can see power cages in all well-equipped commercial gyms, but you’re probably thinking about how buying one for your home gym is too much. After all, power racks take up so much space, and you can’t just roll them into your closet when you finish exercising. However, without a power rack, it is impossible to do some of the essential barbell exercises any serious lifter needs to do.

This article will give you 3 reasons to buy a power cage for your home gym, and by the time you finish reading it, you will realize that having a power rack is the only way you are going to set your new personal bests when working out at home.

Reason #1: Unlock The Barbell Back Squat And The Barbell Bench Press

If you don’t have a power rack or a half-rack, it is impossible to perform barbell back squats with heavyweights. There is just no way for you to load the barbell, and safely place it in the correct position across your upper back. And without heavy squats, you will not be able to reach your maximum potential, at least when it comes to lower body development.

The same goes for the barbell bench press. Even if you do it on the floor, there is no way to do the exercise alone without a rack, at least if you are going to do it with a heavily loaded barbell.

Reason #2: The Only Way To Exercise With Barbells Safely

Let’s face it, most of the time you spend working out at home will be spent working out alone. And if you are going to do it safely, you will need a power rack with safety catches.

When exercising at the gym, you can always ask someone to spot you, but when you do it at home, you are alone. And it takes only one slip when doing bench press to seriously injure yourself (or worse). The same goes for the barbell back squat.

As for the other exercises, sure, you can bail out by throwing the weight, but that will damage the floor, and you can injure your foot. Therefore, don’t risk, get a power rack with safety catches and exercise safely without leaving your home.

Reason #3: You Will Lift Harder

The fact that a power rack lets you perform barbell movements safely will unlock new gains. By knowing that you are completely safe, even if you exercise all alone, you will give it your best effort. Beating even 1RM PRs at home will no longer be impossible.

The fact that you will be able to go all-in whenever you want will push your home workouts to a new level. And you will be able to do that while using a barbell, the king of all exercise equipment when it comes to building size and strength, which wouldn’t be possible without a power cage.


We only gave you three reasons why you should consider investing in a power cage. Doing barbell movements safely, and to the max should be more than enough to convince any serious lifter who wants to lift heavy in their garage gym that a power cage is a no-brainer. Therefore, don’t hesitate, if you have room for it, get a power rack now.